The Equisimulator

Gretgrix Equestrian is very excited to now have an Equisimulator, designed  by Enlightened Equitation founder, Heather Moffett.

The Equisimulator is a mechanical rider powered horse, which simulates a horse’s movement in walk, trot and canter.  This machine enables a rider to learn exactly how to absorb and synchronise with the horse’s movement in all paces, appearing “still” and elegant to the onlooker. It is an ideal way to improve rider position to become secure and effective and to apply aids discreetly. If the rider loses synchronisation or “blocks” the movement, the machine stops.

Unlike a lunge lesson, the coach is right next to the rider to provide instant feedback whilst they are in motion and can make direct adjustments to position.

It is an ideal aid to

– Fix common rider position issues

– Improve balance

– Assist riders to absorb movement, particularly in sitting trot, canter and to make smooth transitions between the paces

– Improve core strength and muscle memory

– Assist in gaining confidence and security

– Learn the basics of riding before even sitting on a horse! 

Equisimulator lessons are very safe and an ideal way to improve riding skills – whatever the weather and at various times of day. Riders of all levels will benefit from an Equisimulator session – from the beginner through to the more advanced rider wanting to refine their skills.